Become a virtual car mechanic.

VirtualAutoedU is a development project which aims to create a learning environment for car mechanics. In the game, students can familiarize themselves with the base structure of a car. In addition the students are presented with basic tasks related to car maintenance.


The students are shown the right way to perform the maintenance task through animations and videos and are then given the opportunity to perform the task first with instructions, and lastly without guidance from the game.

  • Gameplay

    The game is divided into three different phases: observe, try, and execute. The first phase offers the students detailed information on how to correctly execute the maintenance task with the help of animations, texts, and videos.

    In the second phase, the students perform the maintenance tasks on their own. Game will still present them a task list from which to follow, offering detailed guidance on which task to perform next.

    The third phase tests how well the students have learned the maintenance tasks taught in the two previous phases. Students will no longer be presented with the list of actions or the educational videos.

  • Teaching Content

    The teaching content of the game was built using 3D modeled engine parts. One of the main goals of the project was to link practical exercises to the gaming environment, so these 3D models of different car parts are modeled after real world pieces.

  • Game Creation

    The development was concentrated on four different platforms. The game was developed for Android-based tablets and PC with current development focusing on VR and AR devices.

    3D modelers have created the 3D models used in this version using parts from a real car. That said, it is not necessary to create your own models because 3D models from 3rd party operators are also available. The most time-consuming part of the process is to create an identical copy of the car parts, so gaining access to the original 3D models would considerably hasten the process.

  • Future Development

    First version of VirtualAutoedU was ready at the end of 2016. We are currently working on a new project, which concentrates on transferring the same game play elements of the PC/tablet versions to VR and AR platforms.

    We are very interested in developing more content for the teaching environment or modifying the game for your individual needs, so if you have a possible development project or suitable funding ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss possible cooperation.

  • Download

    Project was completed at the end of 2016 and a download link for Android devices will be offered through project funder, the Finnish National Board of Education.


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