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How do you treat patients with age-related issues or language barriers?

You are in charge of a control room and need to solve different healthcare related problems. Take the role of an elderly person or immigrant, and complete different puzzle rooms from their viewpoint. Face the challenges of digitalization. Can you complete them all in time? The clock is ticking!

  • Gameplay

    Players are tasked to solve different tasks and puzzles in varying environments and roles. Players can move around in virtual reality and interact with the world in different ways. Players have 5 minutes to complete each puzzle room. Game also monitors the player performance in all puzzle rooms and provides feedback of their game session after the game is completed. 

  • Teaching Content

    The game contains different puzzle room environments connected to digitalization in the field of health care. Puzzles and content for these rooms have been designed by different partner organizations of the SotePeda consortium. Situations include e.g. digitalization through the viewpoint of an aged person or language problems some immigrants are facing.  

  • Game Creation

    Different puzzle rooms were created based on the definitions drafted by partner organizations. Some content and design ideas were also obtained through specific workshops. Individual puzzles were then modified by the development team to fit the virtual reality environment.  

  • Future Development

    The SotePeda virtual environment is a pilot development project aiming at creating new teaching methods through virtual reality. The project has been designed so that additional rooms or other content can be easily added to the game. 

  • Download

    SotePeda virtual reality environment will be available for computer operated virtual reality devices and Oculus Quest through distribution channels dedicated to VR. Download link will be made available once the development is complete during spring 2020.  


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