Snowmobile Simulator


Feel the thrill of the snowmobile!

The projects goal was to make a physical snowmobile simulator for the Science Centre Tietomaa in Oulu. The simulator gives users the experience of driving a snowmobile as realistically as possible, following the rules of snowmobile trails. It is now available for testing in Oulu Tietomaa.

  • Gameplay

    The game takes you on a snowmobile trail near Nallikari in Oulu. The route must be driven in accordance to restrictions, or the game warns the user of excessive speeding. The user must also consider other traffic that may be coming along the route. The controller is a snowmobile frame mounted on a motion platform. The game also follows the player's upper body movements, which allows the player to help the snowmobile turn more steeply.

  • Game Creation

    The game was implemented in collaboration with Science Centre Tietomaa, who developed the snowmobile frame controller which was then added to Unreal Engine 4. The platform which was used in the simulator and where the snowmobile frame is installed is a 3DoF motion platform acquired from MotionSystems. The game area was created by laser scan of the Oulu Nallikari terrain and by designing a special snowmobile trail for it. The player's movements are monitored by Microsoft Kinect.

  • Where can you find it?

    The game can be found at Science Center Tietomaa in Oulu.


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