Skiing Visualization


A new way to visualize and test ski environments.

Skiing Visualization aims at researching new methods to create visualization for different sport arenas and events. The main goal of the project is to help visualize an upcoming sports arena space. Additionally, the project aims to provide tools for planning future events in the created scenario. This is made easier by providing the users with the option to immerse themselves in these new scenarios and see what they would look from the spectators’ perspective.

  • Gameplay

    The project has resulted in a few different user options. One of these lets users spectate the larger area using a mouse and keyboard while being able to add or remove certain elements from the terrain. The primary purpose of this mode is to offer a general view of the area and to plan the placement of event-related objects. The second play mode lets users spectate the area in VR, move around in the map and see everything through the spectator’s viewpoint. The third renders skiing images to be used with skiing thread mill for ski training. 

  • Teaching Content

    The development was done in both LIIKUTPA and HYTELI projects, and environments are created using multiple available data sources. The terrain has been created using both laser scanned data and design images based on the future sports central. The game environment also contains 3D models generated using photogrammetry, along with architectural and CAD blueprints that have been utilized for creating visualization of the buildings.

  • Game Creation

    The visualization of the terrain was obtained via multiple available data sources. Roads and skiing tracks were generated using a specific spline tool that simplified the creation process. Design blueprints were integrated in the landscape layer so that the changes and modification of the terrain, buildings and roads could be easily implemented. Game play mechanics were designed so that using the system would be possible on both a desktop and in VR.

  • Future Development

    The new data visualization methods used in the project have proved to be very efficient and can provide a very immersive way to envision how a new sports arena or event might be spectated. For this reason, the methods will be further developed during 2019 and 2020. The development for Beijing Olympics tracks is currently under development.

  • Download

    A demo is available for interested parties after the project is concluded at the end of 2018. Please contact us for more info.


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