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Clever Simulation Entertainment

Simppeli Visualization utilizes 3-screen CAVE technology and adds game engine generated events to the teaching situation when students are operating with the simulator doll. The main goal of the teaching environment is to increase the realism of the teaching situation for when students are practicing with the simulation doll and to add background events to the situation that may increase the stress level or cause distractions.

The game environment was developed in cooperation with the KAMK Health education department, who designed all the teaching content and the content for the virtual environments. The KAMK Health students participated in the game creation by designing possible scenarios for the gaming environment, which are common interruptive events in a daily hospital environment. The game was created as a part of the project Simppeli, which aims to create simple teaching environments for education purposes.


The game was designed to be used simultaneously with a hospital bed and simulator doll. Once a gaming session starts, an image of an ER is projected over 3 screens. The teacher has a separate control screen on which effects can be selected and played out. The teacher can us either a tablets or a touch screen. Teachers will select the played scenarios and will try to draw attention away from working with the doll. These situations can include sounds or full-animated sequences.

The virtual environment was created using photographs of an ER and hospital equipment. The virtual environment was designed to be as authentic as possible considering the time limitations. Sounds and Finnish vocal were recorded to create the background events for the first version. A combination of 3D animations and sound acting was also experimented with. Animated sequences were made by hand, but future animations will be created using motion capture technology.


Simppeli Visualization is an experimental demo game, where many of the gameplay elements were exploratory and their suitability for education was tested. There are limitless potential for developing this environment and additional content in the form of new scenarios and virtual environments can add to the teaching situation. We are very interested in further developing the teaching environment, so if you have a project or suitable funding ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss possible cooperation.

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