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Simppeli Robotics

Clever Simulation Entertainment

Simppeli Robotics is a teaching environment for robotics students. The aim of the educational environment is to teach basic functionalities of industrial robots. During the experience, players are taught more about the working environments through “points of interest”. These points allow the player to view more information about chosen locations, move around, and view videos.

The educational program is based on various different industrial robot sites located in different companies around the town of Kajaani. The KAMK robotics experts provided the educational content and all the information in the game. The main focus points and the placement of the 360 pictures and images were designed with the help of robotics experts.

Players can choose between two different teaching environments. After choosing a level, players can look around freely and interact with different points of interest with either a mouse or a virtual reality controller. Within the points of interest, they can move around, access information from certain locations, and open videos.

The virtual environment is based on 360-degree photographs and videos of real industrial robot sites, which were acquired using a Samgung Gear 360 camera. Gameplay elements for the teaching environment concentrated on the creation of text, image, and video input tools, as well as a universal movement and selection system, which would work in both VR and on a desktop computer.

Simppeli Robotics is an experimental demo game, where many of the gameplay elements were explorative and their suitability for education was tested. The template created in the project has proven to be useful in many additional projects, so if you have a project or suitable funding ideas for development, don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss possible cooperation.

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