Simppeli CPR


The patient's heart has stopped! What will you do?

Simppeli CPR teaches students how to react during different CPR cases. Students can face four different CPR situations, where they need to decide what are the right actions to take.


Students need to maintain the correct pressing frequency, use a defibrillator, administer drugs and give oxygen at the right time. The main goal is to help students learn the different CPR types and understand how to act during them.

  • Gameplay

    Simppeli CPR was designed to be played by 2-4 players in virtual reality. One player is tasked with performing the correct chest compression, while the other player or players give additional oxygen, operate the defibrillator, and administer the necessary drugs. All these actions and the pressing frequency are visible in the admin view, where teachers can follow the performance, and ultimately, decide whether the CPR was successful or not.

  • Teaching Content

    The game environment was developed in cooperation with health education personnel, who compiled all the content for both the teaching aspects and the virtual environment outlook. The procedures and all the necessary actions were carefully explained by KAMK health care personnel so that the teaching content presented in the game would be as accurate as possible.

  • Game Creation

    The ER environment from a previous educational game was used as a starting point for the project. Some modifications were made for virtual reality use and additional CPR-related content was created. VR usability was implemented, as well as multiplayer support and an additional administrative view.

  • Future Development

    Currently, the chest compression is performed using VR controllers while pressing down on air. We are researching options on how to include haptic feedback gloves into the system or to use sensors connected to CPR doll. The aim is to make the action more natural and increase the realism of the game. We are also interested in developing the game more if additional funding can be found.

  • Download

    You can download the game using the link below. Download the ZIP file, extract it, and run the game from the extracted folder. Once the game is running, you need to create a session on one computer and join the session with another. It is important that the computers using the environment are in the same network.


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