Simppeli Aging


How is it like to be old? Feel the effects of aging in VR.

Simppeli Aging demonstrates the effects of aging by introducing different aging impairment while they perform daily tasks in virtual reality. The main point of the game is to help young students in healthcare to understand how aging effects your capabilities to function, and thus, your daily routines in life.

  • Gameplay

    At the beginning of the game, players can select which aging impairment they want to apply to the avatar. The impairment options include: visual, audio, muscular control and memory. Once the impairments have been selected, the player is transferred into a residence, where they need to perform ordinary tasks and experience how the impairment affects their capabilities.

  • Teaching Content

    KAMK health care personnel compiled the teaching content for the game with help from students. The students studied different aging-related problems and designed a set of tasks that would demonstrate resulting impairments through virtual reality. The information about different age-related impairments was also written and included in the game.

  • Game Creation

    Simppeli Aging uses an elderly resident created for a previous educational game. VR functionality was designed for the game that included all the visual-and motion-based feedback systems for different aging impairments. The descriptions of different age-related issues were written by KAMK students and implemented in the game in both the written and spoken form.

  • Future Development

    Simppeli Aging is an experimental demo game, where many of the gameplay elements were exploratory and their suitability for educational purposes was tested. We are very interested in further developing the teaching environment, so if you have a project or suitable funding ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss possible cooperation.

  • Download

    Simppeli Aging can be downloaded from the link below. After downloading the file, you can extract the zip file and run the game from the extracted folder. Keep in mind that you need a VR headset and VR-ready computer to run the game.


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