Rokua Geopark


Travel through history and study the effects of time on our world.

Rokua Geopark lets you take on the role of a time traveler and travel into the past on three different locations.

Experience how the earth looked like 2 billion years ago, face freezing snowstorms of the ice age and learn about the past. Jump into the time machine, history awaits!  

  • Gameplay

    The game contains 3 different locations which are explorable in virtual reality. You can travel to different time periods and experience the changes in the terrain and vegetation, or explore the living quarters of a stone age man. Players can move around and interact with the world through VR controllers, and also learn information about different time periods. 

  • Teaching Content

    The game aims at creating a new visual way for teaching different geological events that take place during enormous periods of time. The different visualizations for landscapes was created based on the data or illustration generated by Rokua Geopark personnel or Geological Survey of Finland, and all the educational information was also provided by collaborating partners.  

  • Game Creation

    The current day environments which are used for starting point of the time travel were generated using laser data, photos and photogrammetry. Similar data was not available for the past locations, so the visualization of these environments was based on data provided by the Geological Survey of Finland and other research available. Based on this data a possible visualization of the area was created. 

  • Future Development

    The Rokua Geopark project mainly concentrates on developing methods for visualizing the past accurately. Game offers visual experiences combined with educational data. Currently a more complex teaching game over these different environments is under development, which would offer players a more thorough outlook on different events and phenomenons of the past. 

  • Download

    Rokua Geopark virtual reality game will be made available for download after the project has concluded at the end of 2020. It will be also presented in various Rokua Geopark locations. 


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