Play Top Frag


Boom, headshot! Have you got what it takes?

Play Top Frag includes testing scenarios created in style of first person shooting games. Players are tasked to perform skill tests, which include memory, hearing, depth perception, accuracy and more. Inside the game their qualities are being analyzed based on their performance.


The game calculates feedback on their strengths and weaknesses and also an overall score of their general performance. Players can also monitor how their different skills develop while playing.

  • Gameplay

    Players perform different tests with either a mouse or a keyboard/mouse combination. Some tests require simple mouse click reaction, while others involve moving around in a first person shooting environment and shooting enemies as accurately as possible. After the tests are completed, players will receive a detailed report on their performance and a training history where they can monitor their skill development on certain key areas related to the tests.

  • Teaching Content

    Play Top Frag has been created in cooperation with esport coach and psychologist Mia Stellberg and other professionals in different fields of esports. The tests that evaluate your skills have been designed in a manner that they measure most of the basic skills needed of a successful FPS player. Both the test situation and the feedback have been completed first by professionals in the field of esport as subjects, so that all the feedback and tests themselves can provide as much useful information to the players as possible.

  • Game Creation

    The game creation process started by first defining the key features successful esport players possess and then designing a way to measure these qualities in a FPS scenario. The main goal of the tester was always receiving player performance data during game play, so collecting, presenting and visualizing the data was always one of the key elements of the game design. The aim was to make the output report as usable as possible.

  • Future Development

    Play Top Frag is currently available on Steam on early access. Future development includes adding more testing scenarios and also an international online database, where you can compare your scores to people around your country or even the world.

  • Download

    You can purchase Play Top Frag on Steam.

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