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Clever Simulation Entertainment

VirtualAutoedU is a development project, which aims to create of a learning environment for car mechanics. In the game, students can familiarize themselves with the base structure of the car. In addition, the students are presented with basic tasks related to car maintenance. The student are shown the right way to perform the maintenance task through animations and videos and then given the opportunity to perform the task first with instructions, and lastly without guidance from the game.

The Kainuu Vocational Collecge provided the information about the machine operations. The correct control methods were inserted into the game, so that players could use the virtual reality experience to practice their skills before trying the real device. All the necessary controls and machine qualities were carefully crafted to resemble a real lathe as close to reality as possible.

The game starts with the machine in an unpowered state. The player is tasked to perform all the correct startup actions and enter the right values for the job. The game includes an interactive tutorial, which guides the player through all the necessary actions. Once all the preparations are completed, players can test their skills and create shapes of the target object using the lathe.

The main gameplay elements and machine functionality were created utilizing KAO introduction and educational videos. 3D modeling was based on a 3D model created for the JIT city, which was modified for the needs of VR use. The technical knowledge of the machine and operational instruction were provided by KAO. A procedural 3D model was also designed so that real time molding with the lathe was possible.

Metal Workshop VR was created as a small educational game exploring how virtual reality would work for educational purposes in the field of metal work. The experiences of the project have been really promising, so there is considerable interest from all participating parties to increase the content of the game once suitable funding for the project is found.

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