Augmenting the future of heavy industry.  

InduSTAR is a group of AR and VR projects aiming to create new teaching methods and work safety applications for heavy industry work.


Some examples include learning the basics of car tire changing in VR, software to identify and locate malfunctioning equipment in a city tram and an augmented reality application to help rescue personnel locate possibly dangerous pressure pipes in a large factory environment. 

  • Gameplay

    The VR and AR applications are played using the latest devices, and the augmented reality software is also available on mobile platforms. The VR application can be seen more as a “training game”, whereas the AR applications are aimed to be used in real-life work situations. 

  • Teaching Content

    The tire changing game teaches new workers the basics of tire change procedure and how to use related tools. The aim is to increase the speed and quality of work training. The AR applications are meant to be used as a supporting tool in workplaces, improving safety and acquisition of data. 

  • Game Creation

    All the InduSTAR software projects were planned and developed with industry professionals, and aimed at relevant needs in the heavy industry. The development team at KAMK is in active communication with industry experts to steer development. 

  • Future Development

    The InduSTAR software projects can be seen as pilot prototypes, testing the feasibility of the subjects and current state of AR/VR technology. If it’s seen as beneficial, some projects may move forward into actual product development phase. 

  • Download

    The InduSTAR software pilots will be made available on our project website. The site is managed by our partner organization RKKY. 

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