Doosan VR


Learn the basics of machining in Doosan VR.

DoosanVR is a virtual reality game that aims to introduce players to the basic controls on a Doosan Machining Center. The model of the machine has been fitted with an obstacle course and the player has to navigate through it using the correct axis controls. The game features realistic procedures for unlocking and starting the machine, as well as attaching the required sensor.

  • Gameplay

    The game starts with the machine in a locked, unpowered state. The player is tasked with correctly powering up the machine and equipping it with a sensor for the obstacle course. After successfully completing the obstacle course, the player receives a score. The score is lowered based on how many mistakes (eg. hitting the course walls) them made during their run-through. The player needs to know the correct axis controls and be careful in order to pass the obstacle course with a high score. A virtual tutorial is also available in the game to guide players.

  • Teaching Content

    The Ylä-Savo Vocational College provided us with knowledge of the machine operations. Correct control methods were designed into the game, so that players could use the virtual reality experience to practice their skills before trying the real device. The control speeds and machining axis movements have been carefully crafted to be as close to reality as possible.

  • Game Creation

    The main gameplay was modeled after the real procedures for using the Doosan Machining Center. Video materials and high-quality 3D CAD models were received from the Ylä-Savo Vocational College, along with the technical information about the machine. The communication with the customer was close, so as to ensure that the end product would meet the correct requirements.

  • Future Development

    A physical controller for the Doosan Machining Center has been implemented for use with the game. It allows the player to practice the controls and the obstacle course without VR controllers, using the same control dials as in reality.

  • Download

    Doosan VR can be downloaded from the following dropbox link. Follow the instructions on the download folder to get the teaching game working.


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