Coach For Health


A visual tool for observing the effects of excercise.

Coach For Health could be described as a visualizer. The main goal of the visualizer is to use physical measurements of a person (weight, height, gender, BMI etc.) and generate a visual lookalike based of that information. Based on their physiological activity and other information the visualizer will generate an estimation of what the user will look like after specified period of time.

  • Gameplay

    Users start by inserting the measurement values they received based on actual physiological tests. Based on these values a general body image of the person is created. Users can then input different values for exercise, for example endurance training or strength training, and then select a time period the visualization will be generated. Visualizer will then generate a running animation of the whole time period, and at the end provide a before and after image.

  • Teaching Content

    The scientific data, development curves for different exercises and other scientific content was provided by the personnel of University of Jyväskylä, Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, Sports Technology in Vuokatti. This data was transformed into impact curves, which generated the overall visualization for the body model. Visual changes for the body were generated using Unreal engine 4.

  • Game Creation

    The visualizer was created in close cooperation with the Sport and Health Sciences, Sports Technology in Vuokatti. A general male and female 3D models were created, and adjustable models for muscles and fat. The data based on effects of different sports was then transformed into calculation curves, which were combined with the adjustable human presentation. Finally a general user interface for both data insertion and presentation of the changes was created.

  • Future Development

    Visualizing physiological data have shown great success in motivating people, so the development team is very interested in developing the visualizer more and adding more data to the model, for example nutrition and more detailed sport activity.If you have some ideas how to develop the model or ideas about joint development project, do not hesitate to get in contact.

  • Download

    The demo version of the visualizer will be made available to interested parties.


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