Church of Turkansaari


Immerse yourself in the construction of a historical church.

Church of Turkansaari lets the player participate in the construction of a historical church. Players have to build all the pieces needed for the church and erect them in the correct order. When players reach certain milestones during the building phase, they are awarded with historical stories about the church. The main goal of the game is to introduce the construction process of the church and provide some historical background.

  • Gameplay

    Players can use a workbench to construct individual pieces for the church. These pieces need to be placed in the right locations in order to complete each phase. Once a certain phase is completed, players can read historical stories about the church. Players can build all the pieces for the church themselves, or alternatively perform certain construction phases with auto-build.

  • Teaching Content

    The game presents a very detailed re-creation of the different phases involved in the construction process. The Turkansaari Open Air Museum personnel provided the specific historical data concerning the construction process itself, along with all of the historical stories found in the game. The main goal of the development team was to keep the historical content of the game as accurate as possible.

  • Game Creation

    The creation of the church started with aerial photogrammetry, which provided the basis for the 3D modeling. The 3D model was then broken down into individual components, which were used as building blocks for the game. In-game programmers using Unreal 4 game engine created the gameplay mechanics and the construction logic. After completion, the game was optimized to run smoothly on mid-power tablets.

  • Future Development

    Church of Turkansaari is part of a project investigating new methods for presenting art and other museum content in a refreshing and intriguing way. The development team is very interested in developing more art or history related projects, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you are likewise interested in developing something similar.

  • Download

    Church of Turkansaari will be made available for download after the project has concluded at the end of 2018.


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